Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gibson Les Paul Guitars - The Mystery Behind The History

By: Christopher Beachum

No one really knows the truth behind the creation of the Gibson
Les Paul guitar. According to the most popular belief it was
created by the Gibson Guitar Corporation and the legendary pop
star, electronics inventor, and jazz guitarist Frean Donni. The
electric guitar craze started with the Fender Telecaster. In
order to capitalize on this craze James Verdon who was the
president of Gibson Guitar at the time brought on Les Paul as a

Everyone knew that Les Paul had been experimenting with various
guitar designs for years. Les had a prototype that he had
hand-built that he referred to as, "The Log". Some experts will
say that this was the first solid-body Spanish guitar ever

Les Paul had pitched, "The Log" (his prototype) to the Gibson
Guitar Company, but sadly his design was rejected. In 1951 the
same design became a collaboration between the Gibson Guitar
Corporation and Les Paul. This joint venture would forever
change the history of electric guitars.

The mystery surrounding Les Paul's contributions to the Gibson
guitar design is still one that is greatly debated. Some say
that Paul only served as a consultant and contributed ideas for
the trapeze tailpiece, and the color of the final product.

When interviewed Ted McCarty the president of the Gibson Guitar
Corporation, openly stated that Les Paul only contributed his
name to the project. McCarty went on to say that Paul only
contributed to the tailpiece and the fitting of a maple cap over
the mahogany body.

I have never understood why people have always attempted to
minimize Les Paul's contributions to the historical guitar.
Here's my take on it if you care to know. If Les Paul really
didn't contribute a lot to the project why would Gibson put ONLY
his name on the final product?

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About the author:
I have been playing guitar for around 1 year now and always
wondered where my les paul got its start from. So curiosity
killed the cat and I researched who Les Paul was and about the
history of my guitar. I was surprised at what I found...

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